Online Talks and Presentations

Out of the Blank 1417 - Kevin Dowd talks to Robbie Robertson about Covid 19 and Lockdown.


My talk to the Durham University Union Society against the motion "This House should ban cryptocurrencies" on 29 April 2022. 


"Central Bank Activism: Good Intentions, Bad Policy." Talk to the Cato Institute's 39th Annual Monetary Conference "Populism and the Fed" on 18 November 2021. 


"Black Scholes without Arbitrageurs." (Co-authored with Dean Buckner) Presentation to World Finance Conference, 4 August 2021. 


 "The Political Economy of Central Bank Digital Currencies: Towards a Technofascist Dystopia." Presentation to the Institute of International Monetary Research seminar on Central Bank Digital Currencies, University of Buckingham, 21 July 2021.


"Can UK Banks Pass the Covid Stress Test?" (Discussion with Dean Buckner, The Eumaeus Project) IEAlondon, 7 August 2020.


"The Future of Cash." (Discussion with Sam Dumitriu from The Enterpreneurs' Network) IEAlondon, 20 June 2020. 


"An Actuary and an Economist Have a Conversation." MJ the Fellow Actuary, 17 January 2020.


I gave the Ludwig von Mises Memorial Lecture on the subject of "The Failure of Monetary Stimulus" to the Austrian Economics Research Conference at the Mises Institute in Auburn Alabama on 24 March 2018. The talk is available on the web (here for short version or here for longer version).


From Excess Stimulus to Monetary Mayhem." Presentation to the 34th Cato Annual Monetary Conference, Washington DC, November 17th 2016.


"Learning the Right Lessons from the Financial Crisis." Presentation to the 33rd Cato Annual Monetary Conference, Washington DC, November 12th 2015.


"Bitcoin will bite the dust." Presentation to the 32nd Cato Annual Monetary Conference, Washington DC, November 6th 2014. Short you tube version here.


"Bitcoin: the Flipside of Money.” IEA TV July 10, 2014.


Fed Doubles Down on Crisis.” Cato Podcast, November 20, 2013.


The Fed vs the Market.” Talk to the Cato Annual Monetary Conference, November 14 2013.


Kevin Dowd on Our Next Financial Crisis. ” February 6, 2012.


“The Road Back to Gold.” Cato Podcast, November 29, 2011.


Capital Standards and Financial Crisis.” Cato Podcast, November 27, 2011.


Capital Inadequacies: the Dismal Failure of the Basel System of Bank Capital Adequacy Regulation.” Cato Institute Capitol Hill Briefing, Senate Building, Thurdsday November 17, 2011.


The Solution” [to the Financial Crisis]: Talk by Kevin Dowd and Gordon Kerr to the Occupy St. Paul’s movement, November 2011.


The Decapitalisation of the West.” Lecture to the Adam Smith Institute, London, September 12, 2011.


Loose Money and the Decapitalization of the United States, Or, Ben’s Bubbles and the Destruction of American Capital.” (K. Dowd and M. Hutchinson) Talk to the 28th Cato Institute Annual Monetary Conference Asset Prices and Monetary Policy, Washington DC, November 2010.


The Current Financial Crisis … and After.” Presentation to the Paris Freedom Fest, Paris, September 2009. The text of this talk is available at Mises Institute here


"Lessons from the Financial Crisis: A Libertarian Perspective." Second Chris R. Tame Memorial Lecture, National Liberal Club, London. March 17 2009. 


Moral Hazard and the Financial Crisis.” Talk to the 26th Cato Institute Annual Monetary Conference Lessons from the Subprime Crisis, Washington DC, November 2008.