I think cryptocurrencies have a lot of potential, but I also think that Bitcoin will not survive. The leading innovators seldom survive (think of the Ford Model-T) because with open competition competitors learn from the innovators' design mistakes and produce superior products that eventually drive the earlier models out. This is all as it should be in a healthy market economy. In any case, Biticoin has major design flaws, most notably, an innate tendency towards centralisation in the bitcoin mining industry, that undermine its long-term viability. 


To clarify: I am not against Bitcoin, I welcome it, both as a major innovation in private money and also for its usefulness in protecting financial privacy against state oppression. But the combination of free entry and Bitcoin's innate centralising tendencies must eventually bring it down. I welcome that too, because it means that Bitcoin will be replaced by superior cryptocurrencies. So where is the problem? 


It is interesting to note that Ether/Ethereum is now rapidly catching up in terms of market share, and Ripple is gaining ground in third place. As rivals attain serious market share, I cannot see how the flawed Bitcoin model will survive long term. 


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